What Is The Wounded Warrior Project

What Is The Wounded Warrior Project?

If you’ve recently seen a commercial on Wounded Warrior Project, you may be wondering what it’s all about. It’s a project that is helping thousands of wounded warriors as well their families when they return from the war.

Your donations may be a one time gift or they may be ongoing with a monthly donation. Your gift will help the serviceman (or woman) and their family as they get back on their feet after having been injured in the war.

Wounded warriors who were in service and have a service related injury or service related illness on or since September 11, 2001, are eligible to participate in this project.

With no dues, the dues were paid out on the battlefield in the line of duty, they have many great benefits and help available to them. To participate in these benefits all they have to do is register and supply the required information at the time of registration.

The project offers support to spouses who are suddenly finding that they are the full time supporter or caregiver to the family and the wounded spouse.

Suddenly finding yourself in the position of being the sole bread winner and being the caregiver to a wounded spouse can be a huge challenge for anyone.

There are many ways that you can help these families. You can honor and empower these wounded warriors by hosting an event to help generate some much needed funds and assistance to these warriors and their families.

You can also volunteer your time and send notes to injured servicemen and their families. Our service members don’t receive enough thanks for all that they do for their country, nor do their families receive enough support for all that they sacrifice by their family members being out in the war zone.

Your generous donations help them to maintain a home, tend to their injured serviceman and provide for their families. They offer a variety of programs to help serviceman and their families make it through the tough times.

Wounded warriors often come home to more challenges than they had on the battlefield. They have to reintegrate themselves back into society often with life threatening injuries and severe disabilities.

The project has many helps available to help nurture their minds as well as their bodies. Designed to encourage and empower our warriors since 2003, it helps to provide services as well as support to the over 80,000 injured service members and their families.

Many injuries are hidden. They may not be obvious immediately, don’t allow our servicemen and women who have offered up huge sacrifices for our country to suffer any longer. If you can’t help in one way surely there is another way that you can help.

From a one time donation to a monthly donation to helping with a fundraiser or simply sending out a few “Thank You” notes to our service men and women, there is something that you can offer up to help servicemen, women and their families through the Wounded Warrior Project.


Steamboat Springs Activities

Steamboat Springs Activities

If you’re looking for a unique experience you may wish to go to Steamboat Springs. Here you’ll find some great skiing. Located in Routt County, Colorado, you’re sure to enjoy your visit. With a smaller sized population of 12,088, they are renowned for their winter ski resort.

The Continental Divide has many great ski areas, but this one is one of the best and a favorite amongst skiers everywhere. High peaks offer majestic views of the surrounding countryside.

This town is known for its eclectic mix of old style architecture and new resorts that offer the best of both worlds. Originally settled by the Ute Indians, the town has stood the test of time.

Natural hot springs located in and around the area lend themselves well to tourism and offer up a nice relaxing venue for weary skiers.

The name Steamboat comes from early times when trappers heard a sound like a steamboat coming down the river. However, there was no steamboat, the sound they heard was the sound of the hot springs. Thus, they named their town.

In the early years, skiing was the main means of transportation in the harsh Colorado winters here. The Rockies have long been famous for their ruggedness and harsh winters.

By 1913, Carl Howelsen, a Norwegian skier, moved into the area and began to introduce his new ski form of ski jumping.

In short order Carl founded Howelsen Hill which is now a part of the ski areas named after him. To his further credit, he also founded an annual Winter Carnival to celebrate winter.

This famous festival includes not only ski jumping, but also racing and dog sledding right down the city’s main street. You’ll also enjoy Light shows on Mount Werner as well as Howelsen Hill.

Another fun and exciting event is the Chariot events that are down Lincoln Avenue. In short order, more ski resorts were quickly established and the area quickly became a mecca for skiers of all ages.

In 1974 the area was industrialized and the company TIC or The Industrial Company, was begun. It’s since grown to become one of the largest industrial construction company’s in the United States bringing in approximately $2 billion in revenue in 2007.

Employing over 9000 employees worldwide it’s a main employer of the area for many of the residents.

The town has many historical buildings that are found on the National Register of Historical Places. From The Crawford House on 12th and Crawford which was built in 1894 by the founder of the town, James Harvey Crawford to the famous hot springs and the old train depot, you’re sure to find something for everyone in this town.

Locals here are proud of their town and take great pride in their town name. Dotted with many restaurants and hotels, you’re sure to enjoy your visit to Steamboat Springs and get some great skiing, hot springs and relaxation in your day when you choose to stay here for your next vacation.


Steamboat Real Estate Market

Rising Steamboat Real Estate Market

Steamboat Springs is one of those areas in the nation which does not get enough credit for its real estate market. The property value is rising and it has to do with a number of factors. The right time to join in on the action is right now and those who are missing out will regret it later on. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this area and why more and more people are talking about this market. It is one of those things which starts to make a lot of sense as you look deeper into what the area is all about.

Wonderful Locale

Let’s begin with this area. It is in a part of Colorado that is going to be eye-catching for anyone. You will not be able to take your eyes off of the architecture and how the neighborhoods are laid out. They have made sure to provide full value and paid attention to detail when it comes to the layout of this gorgeous place.

Steamboat Springs is one of those places that can truly be cited as a beautiful location.

The fact you can potentially live here is wonderful and something everyone should take a look at before making a decision.

Spacious Neighborhoods

What about the neighborhoods that you are going to be choosing from? It all begins with the value of getting full quality. You never want to make a mistake in this regard. What is the point of going down a path where you are not getting results? This is something many people have to deal with.

You need to make sure you are going with a neighbourhood that is easy on the mind.

This is going to have the space that you are looking for and the people you want to meet. This is well regarded for being a wonderful part of the state.

Great Investment Potential

When it comes to the Steamboat real estate market, you will always have one thing on your mind and that comes down to the investment potential. What is the potential of a property in this area yielding a great return? This is the main thing on your mind as it should be.

In this regard, Steamboat Springs is one of the best places to invest your money. The properties are rising and you will be able to maximize results as soon as you want.

These are the benefits of the Steamboat real estate market and those who tap in right now are the ones who are going to extract the most value. This is not a market that is going to be trending downwards anytime soon. It is a beautiful area with great people who are welcoming. It is a place you are going to want to live in and that is how it should be when making an investment. The value is not only seen with the properties, but with the area itself. Steamboat Springs is as good as it gets.


Steamboat Real Estate

3 Things You Should Know About Steamboat Real Estate

So, you’re thinking of moving into Steamboat Springs. It’s a great area, and you’re sure to receive a warm welcome should you decide to move in. Before you start searching for that dream home (and packing your current one), there are some things about the area that you’re going to want to know:

You’re Going To Have To Like The Outdoors

A lot of the activities that surround the Steamboat real estate market have to do with the outdoors. There are a ton of hiking and biking trails, ski resorts, outdoor festivals and the like to keep you busy.

You are not going to get the ritzy city life when you move in here. If you like being outside though, then there are few towns in the United States that are better suited for your needs. You’re going to have to be able to handle a cold winter as well. If you’re a snow bird at heart, then you really need to think about location! The winters here get pretty cold, and you can almost guarantee a fine layer of snow throughout the season. The spring and summer months are pretty moderate, you won’t have to worry about your shirt sticking to you all that often.

The Community Likes To Get Together

Steamboat Springs hangs its hat on the ability to get its residents out, about, and interacting with each other. It harkens back to a simpler time, when your neighbors were your friends and you actually WANTED to do things together.

The town is very committed to that ideal, and there will rarely be a time throughout the year where there isn’t some kind of festival or fair going on to bring everyone together. Should you decide to move here, know that you’ll be invited (and almost expected) to join the festivities. The population here is very warm and friendly, and they would love to have you as their newest friend.

If you’ve been craving a bit more social interaction, to make friends in that “Main Street USA” small town feel, then you’re going to find what you’re looking for right here in Steamboat Springs.

You’re Going To Want A Good Broker

The Steamboat real estate area is gaining more interest than ever. The area is very affable to those looking to relocate to the Rocky Mountain area, so you can expect to have a lot of options when it comes to brokers. Here’s the thing though, not all real estate agencies are created equal. You’re going to want to find an established presence. You want a broker that really wants to get to know your wants and needs. You’re also going to want someone who can get you the best deal, guaranteed.

If you’re looking to move to Steamboat Springs, know that you’re welcome and your new neighbors can’t wait to have you. Start your home search today, with a broker that can help you get the home that you’ve been dreaming of.

See you soon!


Tips For Finding Property In Steamboat Springs

Tips For Finding Property In Steamboat Springs

Are you in the market for a new home? If so, you may need some help finding the best candidates. Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of time trying to find the best property in Steamboat Springs. The more you know, the easier it will be to narrow down your search as quickly as possible.

There are frequently hundreds of homes and condos for sale in this part of Colorado, so sorting through all of the options can seem quite intimidating. It can be all too easy to be overwhelmed and throw your hands up in frustration. Instead of giving up in despair, you may just need a few useful tips.

Enlisting the aid of an experienced real estate agent who knows a lot about this area can really help. They will have a deep understanding of the market so that they can quickly come up with a list of homes in your price range. Instead of being faced with hundreds of options, they can present you with a list of the few that are most suitable for your needs.

One important step to take before you get started is to figure out your price range. Too often, people do not take the time to determine how much they can afford to spend each month on housing. They end up buying a home that costs more than they can really afford and wonder why money has become so tight.

By determining your price range, you can make sure that you do not tempt yourself by looking at houses that are too expensive for you to afford. You can limit your search so that you only look at houses that are affordable for you. This way, you can avoid getting into a lot of financial hot water.

A useful tool that you can use to figure out how much you can spend each month is a mortgage calculator. With this, you can input such factors as your monthly income, the interest rate on a loan, and the term of the loan. The calculator will then show you how much it will cost each month to pay back a mortgage of a certain amount.

You should also take the time to get preapproved for a mortgage before you start looking at homes. Not only does this speed up the process, but it helps you determine how much you will really be able to borrow. With a preapproval in hand, sellers will take you more seriously and be more willing to accept your offer.

Finding the right home can take some time, so using an online tool can also help you narrow down your search. You can filter your search by a number of factors so that you are presented with a list of homes that meet your requirements.

Keep this advice in mind when you are looking for property in Steamboat Springs. By using the right tips, you can quickly zero in on the perfect home for your family.